I’ve Been Busy!

I am so sorry I have abandoned (yikes!!) this blog, BUT I have just been so busy working on my wedding blog!!! For now, I will direct you here:

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I have been working on a NEW BLOG!!



Full of details, stories, inspirations and will showcase my friends’ weddings as well!

My MOB (mother of the bride) will be doing posts with me! I am super excited to share all of this with you! And to do a blog with my momma! Hope you enjoy and maybe become inspired!!!

Please check it out!!!!  ready4weddingseason.wordpress.com

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Engagement week!

Day 7 – Continued….

Well as you saw in my previous post, I got engaged.  I had no idea it was coming!!! If I did, I probably would have made Saturday’s post a little more exciting!!! Haha.

The boy did perfect! He only lasted a couple hours off the plane, which was so cute!! He did it alone in my barracks with the ring and a bottle of champagne.  Just us, totally in love.  I was totally caught off guard but I said yes, and the ring was gorgeous… and not just a Dime Store ring he said he was going to get me to ward away the marines!

We called our loved ones, went out to Pyramid Rock Beach, and watched the sunset.  The pics in the post below show what we did!  We celebrated that night with a sushimi boat and special sake. 

Day 8 – Waikiki!

We went out to Waikiki to start our touring.  We got discounts for a submarine tour and we wanted to join the huge party downtown Waikiki that night for Halloween.  We did the Submarine, got drinks at Dukes, went on a catamaran tour, ate some pizza and dressed up in our costumes.

in front of Diamond Head crater… get it???

We dressed up as ping pong champions and played ping pong up and down waikiki all night!!

Day 9 – Dole and North Shore!

Today we went to the Dole plantation and checked out the North Shore…

Day 10 – Luau

We went to Germaine’s Luau.  It was a lot of fun, and the pork was sooooo good! But we got a flat and had to call AAA.  Too bad it takes 1 and a half hours for them to get there!!! Boo!

Day 11 – Manoa Falls almost…

We found it but it was getting dark.. so we decided to hold off and hike the next day!

Day 12 – Manoa Falls for reals

Worth the wait!!!

Then a dinner cruise!!! yay!!! buffet!!!

Day  13 – Here to eternity

While driving to a lighthouse trail, Scot remembered that he didn’t have his hiking shoes… so we did plan B… roll with it! We found Blow hole Park, that had the beach from Here to Eternity the movie.  Then we toured around the coastline, and we also went on a water trike in Waikiki.

Day 14 – Diamond on top of Diamond Head Crater!!!

We went to the Aloha Stadium Swap meet to buy goodies for our wedding party!! (Scot’s idea) and then we went to go climb the most famous mountain in Oahu! Diamond Head! It was the perfect ending of the most perfect week!Day 15 and 16 – sad he is leaving but start the boards crunch!!

I had one of the best weeks of my life… but now its time to study for boards… 3 weeks! Yikes! We won’t plan anything till we I am back home in December.  Hope you all enjoyed the pics! sorry it is short, but a lot to catch up on.  Plenty more pics on good ol’ fbook!

I will be a bit of a recluse till Nov 30 which is when my test is! So sorry now about the lack of posts to come! But I will check in every once and a while! Aloha!

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I said yes…

So sorry for the lack of Hawaii updates… But it turns out there is a reason! When Scot got off the plane on Saturday, he had a little surprise for me….

More details to come… But it was perfect, it was done on Oahu at the Kanehoe Marine Base I am living at, the ring is amazing, and I am so freakin’ happy!!!

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This is where I work…

Day 7 – Where I work!

On the Kaneohe Bay Marine Base, the Optometry clinic is located in the Medical and dental clinic building.  It is only about a 5 minute walk from the barrracks I live in.

This is the view I see every morning on the way to work…

These mountains are the Kooluah Mountain range that is on the Eastern side of the island.  One you cross these, then you get into Honolulu and Pearl Harbor.  The 1st day, we had to drive through these impressive mountains (past the Stairway to Heaven… totally doing this!) to get to our headquarters in Pearl Harbor.

Here is a picture of the front of the clinic.  Each medical department has their own “pod” and these are what you see here…Optometry is in ‘A’ Pod…The pods are connected by a common space and a pretty courtyard…Here is my own little exam lane…Oh, an the most exciting thing… I get a sign!Well, is it all you imagined it would be???

Although military is very minimalistic…. I am getting used to my new home.  The doctors are wonderful, the patients are all 20-something mypoes (love them… because I am one!!) or interesting red-eyes, the computer EMR is easy-peasy, I see about 10-15 patients a day, and I love having my own patients and being more than just a technician.

Moral of the day: yes, the Hawaii externship site is wonderful….

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I am off to pick up my rent-a-car for the week and going to start to explore the island… Oh, and Scot is flying in to be my partner in crime!! I will be be back soon with stories of my adventures and tons of pictures!! Aloha!

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Welcome to my new home!

Day 6 – Here is where I live!

I live in the barracks right next to the air strip.  It is a two room, one bathroom suite.  Although basic is an understatement… who can complain?!?!? It is free and furnished! With a fridge, freezer, microwave, tv, bed, couch, table, dresser, desk, 2 ACs, and 4 closets… it definitely has enough to get me through the 2 months I will be here.  Here is what it looks like:

Moral of the day: Put your chips in the fridge, ants will get into them even though you clip it tightly closed!

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Finally… a beach!!

Day 4 – So close but so far away!

The biggest problem about being on a military base is that they don’t really like people wandering around.  And I am an explorer… I like to see everything, do everything, and tend to see how far I can get.  Not always the best policy in a place that has such strict rules.  So, I will have to adapt a little bit!

This became an issue when trying to get to the beach yesterday… Turns out you can’t walk behind the General’s House (found out the day before) and you can’t walk across a golf course.  After walking about ½ way into the course, I get picked up by a guy in a golf cart and told I couldn’t do this again… but he would take me to the beach access this time.

Turns out, it knocked off about 10 minutes off of my walk, but I felt pretty silly having to be escorted off the course.  Oh well… You live and learn!

But I finally made it!!! Here are some pictures of the beautiful beach that I had pretty much to myself!

Moral of the day: Don’t take a shortcut across the golf course…


Day 5 – I finally have a map!!!

I have ½ days on Thursdays because the doctors have administration meetings in the afternoon.  So that means I got to explore!!  I put on my shorts (it is always about 85 degrees during the days and 75 at night) and started walking down Mokapu Road.  I have no idea how to pronounce any Hawaiian name yet… but eventually I will catch on! About 20 minute walk down the road, I got to the Mokapu Mall.

They have a little Macys-like store where I walked around for a bit.  Oh, and I finally got my Pur water filter! No more nappy tap water for me! (yes, I may be a little spoiled… but I am donating it to the room so Sarah and Kim can enjoy it too!) They also have an Enterprise, a video store, a food court, a couple souvenir shops, a grocery store (I’m not allowed to buy food there though… boo!), and a ticket information center!  Finally, I found a map of the base!!!  The ladies were so wonderful getting me brochures, books, maps and advice! For the first time since I landed, I started to get my bearings!

Since I was already on that side of the base, I decided to walk a little further to Fort Hase Beach!  Again, I had miles of beach all to myself!!  I played in the water, snapped some pictures and just sat and watched the waves.  So beautiful!

Moral of the day: Maps make life easier… go to the information center Day 1… don’t wait till 5!!

Hope you all have a great night! Aloha!

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Day 2 and 3… the start to an adventure

Day 2 – No, I’m not lost!

I found out pretty quickly how to become a morning person… move to Hawaii.  With the time zone switch, I woke up at 4am!!! 4am!! I can’t remember the last time I saw earlier than 6am!! A good thing about being 5 hours behind, is that everyone I knew was up… so I decided to call scot, mom and send out a couple texts to keep me occupied!

Eventually, 7am rolled around and it was time for Clinic to start.  To be honest, I had no idea how to get to the clinic even though Dr Anderson showed me… it looks a lot different in the daytime! But, with my cute purple dress, and my Corporette heels, I started to head in the direction I thought the clinic was in.  So many yellow buildings that look so much alike! I was pleased to eventually run into a building that looked familiar and I made it!

The first day of clinic on a military base is getting you clearance and access to the base/computers as well as showing you the office/medical records.  Dr Crussana (the other doc on the base who is in charge of the externs) took me over to Pearl Harbor (where the main office is) and got me all checked in.  Then she showed me around and I began to scribe and see patients.

4pm is quittin time.  Time to explore! I got my cloth grocery bag and headed to the Marine Mart.  About a 10-15 minute walk (depends if you are headed in the right direction or not… I had to ask a few times) and I knew I wasn’t going to want to make that walk once a day to get food, so I decided to stock up! I got 2 Subway footlongs to eat the next few days (good idea in theory but turns out they get soggy… boo!).  After wandering up and down the aisles of the quickie mart, eventually a worker asked me if I needed help… I told him I was just shopping.  He smiled and walked away.  About 10 minutes later, he asked again and laughed saying most people are in and out. Not I! I explained I had just moved here and was trying to decide what I needed. He thought that my indecision was pretty funny.  But with my bag getting filled to the brim, and carrying cups, TP, and chips… I checked out (after explaining my authorization papers… pain!) and headed on my way back.

About 1 minute into the journey, it started to monsoon on me! But hahahaha, I remembered the umbrella that was left by a different optometry student.  Jokes on me… it was broken and just flopped in the wind.  Yes, I was that girl, carrying groceries, trying to remember my way back home, in flip flops and a sundress, holding a flopping broken umbrella, walking back to my dorm room home.  Not quite the welcome to Hawaii I was hoping for!!! Lol, oh well… it makes a good story!

Moral of the day: Check directions and your umbrella

Day 3 – Always wear your helmet!!

After work, I thought I would go and explore the base… well at least try to.  So… first I had to find the bike.  Previous optometry kids have left certain goodies behind for the rest of us to enjoy.  These include a surfboard, a boogie board, snorkeling gear, books, random useful things, and a bike.  I heard that the bike was a little old and somewhere locked up with a helmet attached.  Picture me, standing downstairs at the bike rack, trying my key to every bike available… and no success… so I try again… still nothing… SO I call Christine… no answer… I call Mark… no answer… Then finally Hanna (yay Hanna!) picks up to give me some direction to which one it was.  Last time she saw it, it did have a bike lock but described what I pictured as the opt bike.  The tires were flat… so I figured even if I was stealing some poor guys bike, he wouldn’t really be missing it.  I pumped up the tires, put on my helmet (must be on at all times on base) and started my crawl up the hill.  I had a hand drawn map, and didn’t really remember the way to the Officer’s Club… so I had to ask for directions.  I was going the right way, even though I could walk faster than the rusty, breakless, broken pedal bike that wouldn’t shift gears would take me.  At the top of the hill (following the hand drawn map that had 3 buildings on it (and I was in a neighborhood… more than 3 buildings) I ditched the bike.  I kept the helmet on ½ because I forgot about it, and ½ cause it was raining on me… again.  Right when I think I am going in the right direction, and found the General’s house, a cop pulls up.  Yay for military police.  :\ She asked me why I was loitering around.  I said I was trying to find the General’s house to find a path to this beach I had heard about from this letter that was written and left in my room (every student writes a hello, here is what you need to do on base letter for the upcoming student).  I ended up asking her directions to a restricted beach I wasn’t suppose to know about…  oops.  Turns out she told me that I was in the right spot… but it was restricted so since she caught me, I would have to leave.  Haha, but I didn’t get in trouble because I think she felt bad for the dumb gal walking around with a sundress and helmet on.  The funniest thing was she had to ask me why I was wearing a helmet because the bike was still back a block or so, lol.  Anyways, I go back to my bike, ride back down the hill with minimal breaking system, and called it a night.  Day 3, still no beach… darn!

Here is a pic from up top the hill…

Moral of the day: Don’t loiter around the grand poobah’s house if you don’t want to get caught by the MPs.

Have a great day everyone… more stories to come!

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Howdy! Or, should I say, Aloha!!! I finally made it to my new home, the beautiful island of Oahu! The trip has been such an experience so far.  I am a little bit of a fish outta water, but it is actually pretty funny.

Last week was amazing.  I am so glad I got to spend a week in Missouri in perfect fall weather.  The week went by in a flash but I was wonderful to see everyone again and share stories about our externship adventures.  Between lectures, we caught up at Sybergs, industry night at Ameristar, girl’s night, and had some amazing sushi at the Drunken Fish.  Then, one of my favorite nights of the year… Eyeball! The night was perfect and I was so lucky to have Scot as the perfect date!   Saturday we opted to head to Hermann for Oktoberfest.  The day was beautiful and so much fun but Scot threw his neck out… boo! I felt so bad for him!! We ended the night going to the Blues game and cheered the Tigers onto a Homecoming victory!!!

Sunday, my parents met us up in St Louis to pick up my car and say goodbye… so sad, but I am in Hawaii… it could be worse!!!

So, now onto my Hawaiian adventure…

Day 1 – Arrival

It is quite the experience hugging my parents and Scot goodbye at the airport, life thrown (yup, last minute as usual) into 2 suitcases and a carryon, and getting on a plane to move to an island far far away.

It was such an easy flight.  Leave at 1pm St Louis time, have a 1 and a half hour layover in LAX, and arrive in Honolulu at 7:30pm Hawaiian time.  After about 250 pages in my boards review book, I started to wonder how I was going to be picked up and exactly where I was going to stay… neither of which I had the answer to.  I knew that one of the doctors I was working for (Dr Anderson) was going to be meeting me (she had my flight info and my phone #), but I didn’t have her number, and had no idea what she looked like.

At the airport, I started walking to baggage claim smiling at everyone and hoping someone would have my name on a card… ya, that didn’t happen.  Then, waiting for my bags to come off of the carousal, I was waiting for my name to come over the intercom for someone to claim me… nope, not this either.  So, I stood there until everyone had left, again smiling at everyone hoping that someone would claim me… nope! After that wasn’t working, I decided to wander outside and see if there was a car waiting for me…. No such luck.  At this point I started to look through emails looking for any kind of # to get in touch with the doctor.  After about 15 minutes, I had a bit of a laugh and started wondering how I was going to get a cab to take me to base, explain that I did belong there even though I have no documentation and didn’t know what my address would be…

But thank goodness, during that rambling omg thought process… Dr Anderson called and pulled up to pick me up! Just as promised, no need to worry… I was claimed after all!!! We had a great little chat and she started to explain how things worked.  Such a nice doctor, and I really look forward to working with her!

Moral of the day: get a phone # … and trust the process!

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life as a nomad..

I feel like jet-setting is just an understatement.  Sorry about the lack of updates, but I have had such a busy week.

I am so thankful that my mom flew down to Florida for a day, just to turn around and help me make the 18 hour drive back to Springfield.  We got some munching, shopping and touring which was just a blast! It was so fun showing her my Florida world…

Then I got to spend a little time in Springfield seeing friends and family.  So many highlights in such a short time…..

The best thing was that my mom cooked me a early Thanksgiving dinner since I will miss it during my externship.  So wonderful!!! Scot spoiled me with Andy’s custard, Always Sunny, and a game of catch during a beautiful fall afternoon and we got to meet up with his parents.  Dad showed me how his shop is coming along and we hung up his new storefront sign!! I got to see Ashley unveil her wedding dress.  My grandparents stayed around for a game of golf and my friends came over for some much needed catch up time!! Oh and I packed my life up in 2 suitcases for the next 2 months.  Last night I couldn’t help but to tear up… life with family/friends is so great in Springfield and I will miss them so much!!!

This morning, I drove up to St Louis this morning to attend part of the MOA (state optometry meeting), and I get to stay with Christy for the week!! Yay!!! For the rest of the week, I get to attend practice management week and have class social events after each day is done! I can’t wait to see all of my optometry peeps!!!

Then is the weekend… Eyeball (our formal dance/dinner) and Homecoming! Life can’t get much better… oh, wait, flying out to Hawaii on Sunday may top the cake!! I won’t have much time to update, but I will be sure to send you updates when I can! Have a great week everyone!!

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